The latest AODstats Bulletin has just been released

18 Sep 2023

The latest AODstats Bulletin has just been released with a focus on drug-related hospital admissions in the years 2020–21 and 2021–22.


AODstats provides the ability to track emerging trends of acute alcohol and drug harms across Victoria, between metro/regional areas, and within local government areas (LGAs), which helps to inform intervention strategies to minimise the impact and burden associated with these harms.

Of note in the latest bulletin is the finding that hospital admissions relating to inhalants*, which are often cheap and easy to acquire, increased among young people aged 0–34. 

While inhalant-related hospitalisations decreased among males in 2021–22 compared with 2020–21, inhalant-related hospitalisations increased among females over the same period.

By highlighting emerging trends such as these, AODsats provides a vital resource for policy planners, drug service providers and other health professionals to respond to emerging trends and protect Victoria’s young people from the harms that may be caused by inhalants.

Want to access data specific to your Local Government Area?

Access the AOD hospital admissions page here, select 'Local Government Areas (LGA)' from the top menu, then click on your LGA on the map to see the drug-related hospital admissions in your area.

*any volatile substance, inhalant or solvent, such as chrome or petrol