Staff Profile: Anna – Education Officer

23 May 2022

Anna is an Education Officer at Turning Point and also contributes to BreakThrough and SMART Recovery.

Anna Image

Turning Point is made up of a diverse team that is committed to removing stigma around alcohol and other drug use and providing support for those affected by substance use disorders. Our staff profiles provide insight on the great work we do and what it is like to work in the addiction treatment, training, and research sector.

Meet Anna, Education Officer at Turning Point

Anna first started working at Turning Point in 2004 as a Research Assistant, but has since gained experience working in communications, education and clinical services across the organisation.

However, no matter what her role is at Turning Point, Anna has always found the work to be rewarding and her colleagues supportive of one another.

“I love working at Turning Point because of the people I work with. I feel like everybody has a reason to be here, it’s not just a job, it’s really meaningful, perhaps because of a family connection or personal experience.” 

What does Anna do?

Anna first became an Education Officer at Turning Point in 2015, the same year BreakThrough launched.

Anna’s work involves supporting family members and friends of people living with addiction, creating educational resources, organising and delivering face-to-face education and support sessions.

“Often family, partners, and close friends are ‘the last ones standing’ and they might be the only people who continue to stick by the person with a substance use disorder. This obviously causes a lot of worry and distress, so it’s important they have access to services and programs that provide them with support and a sense of connection with others.”

“BreakThrough continues to receive positive feedback from people saying they feel comfort just from knowing there are other families out there with similar issues.”

Anna is also a trained facilitator for SMART Recovery and runs professional development courses for people in the alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector. She is currently completing a Certificate IV to become a Vocational Education and Training (VET) trainer and assessor in the AOD field.

“It is important to have a variety of programs, because it can be difficult for people to ask for help, so when they do reach out they need as much support as is available.”

What is the culture like at Turning Point?

At work, Anna always feels comfortable asking a co-worker or manager for support.

“It’s a very collegial and supportive environment. Managers are prepared to listen to what their workers want or need and implement things which help with wellbeing and productivity.”

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