Staff Profile: Melvyn

20 Dec 2022

Melvyn is Turning Point’s Associate Director Service Development, Statewide Services.

Turning Point is made up of a diverse team that is committed to removing stigma around alcohol and other drug use and providing support for those affected by substance use disorders. Our staff profiles provide insight on the great work we do and what it is like to work in the addiction treatment, training, and research sector.


Meet Melvyn, Turning Point’s Associate Director Service Development, Statewide Services

Melvyn Anthony joined Turning Point in July this year.

Having a plethora of work experience in service development and operations in the medical and health field, Melvyn is now Turning Point’s Associate Director Service Development, Statewide Services.

“I enjoy developing new initiatives in the medical and health field. Turning Point is an established entity, so this job seemed like a good opportunity to continue that work.”

What does Melvyn do?

Melvyn is responsible for supporting Turning Point’s current services while also helping to develop new ones.

“Turning Point offers a wide range of services so it is important to stay on top of them so we can provide the best possible assistance to our clients.”

“When running these services it is important to look at needs of service from a clinical perspective as well as workforce development.”

Melvyn also maintains high engagement with both internal and external stakeholders through regular meetings.

“I always enjoy meeting with stakeholders to get an understanding of their needs and how we can further improve our services.” 

What is the culture like at Turning Point?

Although Melvyn has only recently started at Turning Point, he has been impressed with the dedication, passion and hard work of his team.”

“A lot of staff have been here for more than five years which indicates a good culture. Everyone really cares about the work they do.”

“There is also a good mix of skills and perspectives that help ensure the services Turning Point offers are good quality.”

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