Zero alcohol drink risks in the spotlight

28 Sep 2023

Better regulation and community education are needed to manage the risks associated with zero-alcohol drinks. 

A new article in The Conversation by Associate Professor Shalini Arunogiri and Anthony Hew highlights their research into risks that may be associated with zero-alcohol drinks. 

While zero-alcohol drinks pose lower risks than products that contain alcohol, the research paper calls for the risks associated with zero-alcohol to be better understood by regulators, practitioners and the public. 

Potential risks outlined in the article include: 

The article also highlights the lack of evidence to support the benefits of using zero or low-alcohol drinks to help people reduce the amount of alcohol they drink, and calls for better regulation, community education and practitioner education in order to mitigate the risks. 

Read the article in The Conversation

Access the brief report, including advice for practitioners.