Dr Jennifer (Yu-Tung) Sun

Dr Jennifer (Yu-Tung) Sun

Assistant Lecturer


Jennifer is an assistant lecturer for the graduate programs in Addictive Behaviours, which are three fully online courses that are offered in partnership with Monash University and Turning Point. The Graduate Certificate of Addictive Behaviours is a one-year part time course. Students can also undertake the Graduate Diploma of Addictive Behaviours which is a two-your part time course. The Expert Master course has two entry levels; level 1 is a three-year part time course and level 2 is a two-year part-time course which has employment and minimum Postgraduate requirements associated with acceptance.


Jennifer completed her PhD study at Flinders University. Her research investigated posttraumatic stress disorder and meta-awareness of trauma-related memories. 

Research Interests

Jennifer is particularly interested in doing research in psychology that provides clinical implications, which potentially helps people understand pathology and improves treatment outcomes. She also aim to provide student focused education and to improve students learning experience.

Contact details

You can contact Jennifer at [email protected]