Connect & Learn: Psychological safety and window of tolerance, presented by Jen Thompson on the 25th July 2022

5 Aug 2022

Through an exploration of polyvagal theory, the webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to understand the nervous system and how to educate clients about their nervous system and how to regulate when triggered or distressed.


In the context of appreciating nervous system awareness, this presentation will also highlight the importance of psychological safety for both frontline workers and the people we serve.


1. Understand the nervous system from a Polyvagal Theory perspective
2. Learn strategies to support window of tolerance awareness in self and others
3. Learn the basic principles of Psychological Safety and how to practice in your workplace

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About the presenter

Jen Thompson has over 30 years’ experience of leadership in the Not for Profit sector and over 20 years in the ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs) sector in both Outpatient and Residential Rehabilitation Services in Counselling, Management and Program Director roles. With a Master of Counselling and Human Services, and Gestalt Psychotherapy and Certification in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. Jen has focussed on building the therapeutic capacity of ATOD services to be better able to respond to underlying issues relating to substance use and has been an advocate for co-design, client voice and empowerment through peer-support and Peer AOD Worker roles in AOD Services.