Connect & Learn: Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine in the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder

19 Mar 2020

In this webinar, Vicky Phan will provide an overview of currently available evidence and guidelines on the use of long acting injectable buprenorphine.

The presentation provides viewers with an opportunity to hear about clinical and client experiences to date with long acting injectable buprenorphine.

Victorian DHHS has released Brief clinical guidelines for use of depot buprenorphine (Buvidal® and Sublocade®) in the treatment of opioid dependence.

Download the guidelines here



Vicky Phan (BMed, MPH, MPsychiatry, GCertAlc&DrugSt, FRANZCP) is an Addiction Psychiatrist working at the Medically Supervised Injecting Room (Melbourne) and a lecturer for the Master of Addictive Behaviours course at Monash University.

She has experience working across alcohol and other drug and mental health services in both NSW and Victoria, and believes in a holistic and person-centred approach when working with people and their families. Her areas of interest include mental health comorbidity, harm minimisation, pharmacotherapy, training and education.