Connect & Learn: I work in the AOD sector: What do I need to know and how can I keep up to date?

11 Dec 2020

The tertiary education system in Australia can be very confusing. Differentiating between Grad Certs and Cert IV’s, Diplomas and Degrees, competencies and qualifications, can be head spinning, and that’s even before you start thinking about content.

This webinar will attempt to simplify and explain the qualifications required to work in the AOD sector in Victoria; what you need to do and where and how you can do it. In a sector that is largely unregulated, the pathways to evidence based practice are not always clearly delineated. This webinar is designed for managers and senior staff who want to upgrade their qualifications, advertise for new staff or provide professional development to their teams, as well as graduates and early career AOD workers who would like to understand the minimum qualifications required for working in the sector. The topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Qualifications, personal characteristics and life experience
  • The Vocational Education Sector (VET) and the Victorian Minimum Qualification Strategy
  • Degrees and Professional Training
  • Specialist post graduate qualifications and PhD’s
  • Professional Development Courses and micro-credentials
  • FAQ’s


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Dr Naomi Crafti has been the Workforce Development Manager at Turning Point for the past 8 years. Previously Naomi taught Psychology at Swinburne University. While recently stepping back into an academic teaching role, Naomi’s parting gesture to Workforce Development is an attempt to summarise, simply, what she has learnt in this time about the educational requirements of the AOD workforce in Victoria. She hopes this webinar will be an opportunity for both current and future AOD workers to get the facts about tertiary qualifications in Victoria and encourage a culture of lifelong learning in the sector.



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