Professor Victoria Manning receives promotion

3 Jul 2023

Turning Point is excited to announce that Head of Research and Workforce Development Victoria Manning has been promoted to Professor.

Vic manning

Congratulations Professor Victoria Manning

Professor Manning is honoured to receive this promotion and says she is delighted her work has been recognised in this way by Monash University.

“This promotion also reflects the many years of amazing work by my incredible team at Monash and Turning Point. I’m so lucky to be in a role where our insights and outputs have meaningful impact, working with brilliant minds and passionate clinician, researcher and educator colleagues who are committed to improving the lives of those impacted by addiction.”

Contributions to the addiction space

Prior to joining Turning Point Professor Manning has previously worked at the National Addiction Centre (Institute of Psychiatry) London, the National Addictions Management Service (Institute of Mental Health) and Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.

During her time at Turning Point she has published many research papers and led innovative projects on peer support and neurocognitive training, including developing the SWIPE app which uses a form of brain-training app called cognitive bias modification to switch off the alcohol autopilot to help people reduce their alcohol use.

Recently, Prof Manning also received funding to develop Modif-i where the app will be adapted and trialled with people who want to quit smoking.

Executive Clinical Director at Turning Point Prof Dan Lubman AM said that the promotion reflects Prof Manning’s enormous contribution to the field of addiction over the past decade.

“Turning Point is dedicated to growing and delivering effective treatment and support options for addiction and Prof Manning’s work has ensured that more Australians are able to access world-first interventions,” Prof Lubman said.

“Prof Manning’s work is truly biopsychosocial, spanning novel medication trials, to neurocognitive mobile apps, and linkage to recovery and peer support approaches. She is a pioneer, role model and an inspiration to so many of her colleagues, and thoroughly deserves this promotion. I am incredibly proud and delighted to work alongside her at Turning Point.” 

Goals for the future

Professor Manning is passionate about trialling neurocognitive, psychological, pharmacological and other novel interventions to optimise treatment effectiveness for people with substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders and examining the role of peer support models in promoting recovery.

Head of Eastern Health Clinical School Prof Ian Davis said that she is an outstanding researcher and leader in addiction research, with a reputation that is widely recognised nationally and internationally.

“Prof Manning’s work has led to substantial improvements in the understanding of addiction and recovery, with benefits for everyone who is affected by this problem. We are privileged to have someone of this calibre in our School and we are delighted to celebrate this well-deserved promotion.”