Connect & Learn: Safescripts - Understanding what it is and how it impacts our clients

27 May 2019

This webinar will explore real-time prescription monitoring and its implementation in Victoria.


Through an exploration of real-time prescription monitoring and its implementation in Victoria, this webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to

  • Understand what SafeScript is in practice (e.g. how does it work; what medicines are included)
  • Develop awareness of potential impacts on their clients (e.g. privacy, pharmacotherapy)
  • Learn rationale behind the introduction of SafeScript.

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This presentation is hosted by Laura Bajurny and Melissa Boag.

Laura Bajurny

Laura Bajurny is an information officer and spokesperson at the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. She holds a BA in Political Science and Masters in Social Policy. She has been working in the alcohol and other drug field for the past 3 years, and is currently undertaking further study in neuroanatomy.

Melissa Boag

Melissa Boag is the Change Management Manager at the Department of Health & Human Services.