Tonight on SBS at 8:30pm - Addicted Australia

10 Nov 2020

Tonight is the premiere of Addicted Australia, a four-part SBS documentary series not to be missed!

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Starting tonight at 8.30pm AEDT on SBS, the series will follow ten clients, their clinicians, peer support group, and families and friends as they take part in a six-month treatment program designed by Turning Point. The series will be rated Mature Audience (MA15+) and is not suitable for people aged under 15 years.

The large national audience expected for the series will provide an unparalleled opportunity to reshape the public discourse around addiction and its treatment. To seize this opportunity, Turning Point has facilitated the establishment of Rethink Addiction, an independent group of like-minded organisations that are calling for a shift to Australia’s attitude to addiction and treatment.

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You can help promote the series and the campaign among your network, family and friends to help end the stigma.

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Talking about the documentary and campaign with your friends, family, peers and networks to rally support and ensure as many people as possible watch the SBS series.

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