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Applications are now open for Honours, Master's and PhD research pathways starting in 2024 at Turning Point!
21 September 2023
PhD Scholarships at $33,000 per annum are now available. We also welcome students across different levels and backgrounds, from Honours, Master’s and PhD students, to medical practitioners and clinicians undertaking research projects.
19 September 2023
The prestigious Young Tall Poppy Science Awards are run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) to honour up-and-coming scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science.
18 September 2023
The latest AODstats Bulletin has just been released with a focus on drug-related hospital admissions in the years 2020–21 and 2021–22.
13 September 2023
A new paper has found that the BreakThrough peer-led group is an effective support for a family member who has a loved one experiencing addiction.
7 September 2023
A new article by Monash Addiction Research Centre’s Deputy Director, Professor Suzanne Nielsen and Turning Point's Executive Clinical Director, Professor Dan Lubman AM, has been published in the Monash Lens, calling on Australia to act now to get ahead of the fentanyl threat.
7 September 2023
The importance of drawing on up-to-date evidence to monitor the impact of policy change on prescribing practices has recently been highlighted in the findings from a team of researchers at Monash Addiction Research Centre.
An intake worker looks at a clipboard while talking to a client at a hospital reception desk
22 August 2023
An article published this month in the Medical Journal of Australia by Turning Point’s addiction trainee registrar, Dr Richard Bradlow, has identified a risk that dihydrocodeine misuse may be missed in clinical practice due to a lack of knowledge.
17 July 2023
The Victorian Government has just announced major reforms to reduce gambling harms.
Vic manning
3 July 2023
Turning Point is excited to announce that Head of Research and Workforce Development Victoria Manning has been promoted to Professor.
Vic Manning
26 June 2023
Turning Point is excited to announce Head of Research and Workforce Development, Prof Victoria Manning has received funding from the Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund to develop a new app called Modif-i.
2 June 2023
Turning Point is excited to announce Dr Tristan Duncan has been selected alongside Dr Aysel Sultan from the Technical University of Munich to participate in the Victoria-Germany Bilateral Academic Exchange Program.