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NAC Image
4 July 2024
When Gene* was offered the chance to participate in a trial investigating a promising new antioxidant that could help people reduce their alcohol intake, he was keen to sign up.
Global Neuropsychology Congress
4 July 2024
Our researchers recently presented at the Global Neuropsychology Congress in Portugal
Helplines can be a lifeline
26 June 2024
Helplines are a common first point of contact for people seeking help and could play a key role in reducing the impact of alcohol harms.
What’s it like to be a “test pilot” for research
20 June 2024
A variety of Turning Point’s research studies are currently open for participants. Keep reading to find out what’s involved.
Law Enforcement
6 June 2024
In January 2023, Turning Point and MARC made a submission to the federal Inquiry into the challenges and opportunities for law enforcement in addressing Australia’s illicit drug problem.
Spike in suicidal behaviours
4 June 2024
Researchers from Turning Point and Monash University have uncovered a spike in ambulance call-outs as a result of suicidal behaviours among adolescent females during COVID-19 lockdowns.
New release of data from AODstats
31 May 2024
We’re pleased to have updated AOD stats with several new datasets.
Rehabilitation interventions
31 May 2024
A new article in the World Psychiatry journal describing 4 expert-endorsed cognitive rehabilitation interventions for substance use disorder was the focus of a recent Connect & Learn webinar.
Health sector biases
23 April 2024
As a result of new research, a range of stigma reduction resources have been developed to increase workforce competencies and help people with substance dependence access the care that they need.
Naomi Beard
19 March 2024
According to research officer and first-time lead author Naomi Beard, we already have the tools to eliminate the virus. The key is finding better ways to reach vulnerable groups.
That’s where her research comes in.
World Sleep Day 2024
14 March 2024
Spectrum and Turning Point are collaborating to examine interactions between nightmares and daily functioning to improve wellbeing among people with borderline personality disorder.
Vital help-seeking skills
26 February 2024
The grant will fund further development of an award-winning, school-based program that improves understanding of substance use and builds help-seeking skills among adolescents.