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Addicted Australia - Episode 3
24 November 2020
This recap of Addicted Australia explores the treatment and support provided to documentary participants, and the themes covered in Episode 3. In this episode we learn more about the participants and their families, gaining further insight into what it's like to receive addiction treatment and support.
trauma therapy therapy
24 November 2020
Trauma and addiction frequently co-occur. About 1 in 2 people in addiction treatment settings have symptoms of PTSD, yet integrated treatment is not routinely available.
addicted australia episode 2
17 November 2020
Our recap of Addicted Australia Episode 2 explores the topics and treatment seen in the documentary and various support options available to people being affected by alcohol, drugs or gambling.
christmas season
17 November 2020
For people living with addiction, or for those that are in recovery, times of celebration can be incredibly difficult. Craig Payne one of our Peer Support workers explains why and how to prepare.
17 November 2020
People who regularly use alcohol or other drugs may develop drug dependence, resulting in significant withdrawal symptoms when drug use is reduced or stopped. Admission to a detoxification (‘detox’) unit for a supervised withdrawal is often recommended, to safely and more comfortably manage these withdrawal symptoms in a supported environment.
prof dan lubman on talklink podcast
16 November 2020
If you’re like most people, the word “addiction” might conjure up an image of a shady person clutching a paper bag filled with cheap red wine. But according to the National Survey of Mental Health, one in five Australians have a problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling at some point in their lives.
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16 November 2020
Orygen and Turning Point are developing policy advice for the Commonwealth Department of Health to enhance integrated service experiences for young people. We appreciate your time in competing this survey to inform our understanding and guide policy development in this area.
Addicted Australia Episode 1
10 November 2020
The Addicted Australia documentary series takes cameras into the lives of ten Australians and their families, to show real stories of addiction. Each of the ten participants have enrolled into a unique and bespoke treatment program, developed by Turning Point, to access holistic care and support, recover and get on with their lives.
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10 November 2020
Tonight is the premiere of Addicted Australia, a four-part SBS documentary series not to be missed!
swipe brain training
5 November 2020
A recent study has shown that it may be possible to dampen the workings of the subconscious brain to prevent alcohol relapse, the results leading to a world-first trial of a personalised smartphone app called “SWiPE”.
Dr Daniel Pham
19 October 2020
Turning Point senior addiction psychiatry registrar, Dr Daniel Pham, is the recipient of a Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) Beverley Raphael New Investigator Grant.
Dr Michael Savic
14 October 2020
Congratulations to Dr Michael Savic who is the recipient of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Special Research Initiative grant. The ARC Special Research Initiative is designed to support excellent research into Australian society, history and culture; and build Australian research capacity by supporting researchers of the highest international standing.