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18 October 2021
This week is Veterans’ Health Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness and supporting the health and wellbeing of veterans.
A person is looking at their screen talking to a health pracitioner.
15 October 2021
This Telehealth Awareness Month we are highlighting the important work our team are doing to improve telehealth delivery and the possibilities it presents, for people affected by their gambling, alcohol or other drug use.
12 October 2021
Addicted Australia, the 2020 documentary that follows the lives of ten Australians affected by addiction as they undergo a holistic and extended treatment program, has been longlisted for a 2021 Walkley Documentary Award.
Between 2015 and 2020, the highest rates of alcohol and other drug related ambulance attendances were related to alcohol intoxication.
24 September 2021
A world-leading data collection system pulling together information from ambulance call-outs across the country has been recognised as one of the most potentially impactful data innovations in Australian health and medical research.
Female alcohol and drug counsellor with a black headset looking at computer screen.
14 September 2021
Kat is a structured intervention clinician who works as part of our team of qualified professionals that use evidence-based approaches to help clients develop goals and strategies to achieve them.
31 August 2021
Year after year, thousands of Australians fatally overdose. Every year we remember them on International Overdose Awareness Day
alcohol outlet
17 August 2021
Using data collected from Ambulance Victoria callouts, researchers from Turning Point have identified links between the number and type of alcohol sales outlets in an area, and ambulance attendances for events relating to family violence.
3 August 2021
New research examining ambulance attendances for alcohol-related harms during COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria has found that attendances to homes increased by 9 percent in 2020.
27 July 2021
Since 2008 people have been participating in Dry July, an annual campaign that encourages us to take a month off alcohol while raising money to help those affected by cancer.
27 July 2021
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released information on the number of ambulance attendances over time for suicide attempts, suicidal ideation, and intentional self-injury.
Person looking at computer screen
22 July 2021
Paloma is a Community Builder who works as part of Turning Point's team that provides telephone & online services to people whose lives are affected by alcohol, other drugs and gambling.
mug on table in bedroom
30 June 2021
We all know that an afternoon coffee can make it harder for us to get to sleep, while consuming alcohol may help us fall asleep a little quicker. But what are the effects of these psychoactive drugs, those that alter our consciousness, mood and thoughts, on our actual sleeping patterns and physical and mental health?